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Gaol and Governor’s Residence, Kitchener Ontario
After years of neglect and vacancy, it was time for the old Gaol and Governor’s Residence in downtown Kitchener to be restored to its original splendor.
Learn how we approached this challenging project…


Holy Angels Church, St. Thomas Ontario
Dismantled then rebuilt both cupolas, stone tower, stone front and apex, installed gunnite on back-up masonry to stabilize stone, installed helifix ties, installed new lead-coated copper flashing, eaves and downspouts,

repaired and replaced slate roof, installed elevator and new washrooms, poured concrete sidewalks.


Lindsay Building, Winnipeg Manitoba
Inspected to determine structural integrity of terracotta, and amount of replacement necessary due to years of deterioration. Replaced terracotta, cut out and repaired façade, reparged terracotta, cleaned and cut soft joints


City Hall, Kenora Ontario
Replaced, cleaned, pinned and repaired brick and stone. Cleaned entire building with environmentally sensitive products, waterproofed to prevent further deterioration.


Fulford Fountain, Brockville Ontario
Assisted in specification writing, sourced


Gows Bridge, Guelph Ontario
Rebuilt stone and repaired stone arch, cut out,

terracotta to match existing, rebuilt fountain to original operation.


repointed and pinned stone.




University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontario
Founded in 1957, the University of Waterloo is recognized as one of the most innovative learning institutions in Canada.
Learn more about how Empire solved the University’s brick deterioration problems.


Oxford Centre, London Ontario
Repointed and replaced brick, installed helifix ties, caulked, repaired concrete, repaired parking garage, applied exterior coatings and waterproofing.


Scotia Towers, Brandon Manitoba
Building envelope – removed brick and replaced with new brick and stone at shelf angles, installed new steel shelf angle, installed soft joint and flashing, cut out and recaulked, installed helifix ties.


London Life, London Ontario
Cleaned stone staining, repointed stone, caulked,


Extendicare, Winnipeg Manitoba
Cut out and repointed

replaced brick.


mortar, replaced brick, caulked, applied protective, breathable coating.